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     Sweet Forbidden Journey aims to bring old school sweets and childhood memories back to the streets of Melbourne. 


     I have over 16 years of experience working in a variety of chefs positions, including pastry, in many different kitchens, some cafe style, some restaurant style and some fine dining establishments. After becoming disillusioned with the industry I sought a career change to allow me to recharge and rediscover my passion.  It was whilst I was doing this that I discovered the food truck industry and I instantly fell in love with the whole food truck idea and saw an opportunity to provide a selection of my favourite sweets in a relaxed and happy environment. 


     I have a range of products suitable for people with food allergies so gluten free, nut free, dairy free, egg free & vegan items are on offer.  I will also be available to cater private functions &  festivals. 


     Aside from my regular menu I will be selling daily specials and a variety of hot & cold desserts to suit most people's sweet tooth.


       Otherwise you’ll find me out and about on the streets of Melbourne and I look forward to seeing you there too.


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