DIY Brownie Sundae Packs.
6 pieces of my Brownie, 6 scoops of Ice Cream with your choice of one topping and sauce.
Sauce to choose from is:
Chocolate Sauce
Caramel Sauce
Strawberry Sauce
Hershey Sauce
Toppings to choose from is:
Broken Honeycomb
Broken Rocky Road
Chocolate Cookie
100s & 1000s
Brownie, Sauce and toppings all Gluten Free.
Please inform if any allergies for Gluten Free Ice Cream.
Approx weight of jars 200grams.

DIY Brownie Sundae Combo

Toppings for Brownie Sundae
  • Do It Yourself Brownie Sundae.

    • Warm sauces either in microwave or hot water bath.
    • First microwave 1 piece of brownie in a bowl in microwave for 30seconds.
    • Then add one scoop of Ice Cream
    • Drizzle sauce on top
    • Sprinkle topping on top



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