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Do It Yourself Chocolate Crackles.


Pack contains: Chocolate Crackles, Copha, Icing Sugar, Dessicated Coconut (not in picture), Copha, Patty Cases and one Made Chocolate Crackle for tasting purposes.


Makes 10 depending on size.


Recipe Included


It is Nut Free, Egg Free, Dairy Free & Vegan.

DIY Chocolate Crackes

  • To make Chocolate Crackles you will need a little pot to melt the copha (or container to melt in microwave), A bowl, spoon and muffin tray (or a flat tray to line patty cases with).

    First step is to melt the copha.

    Whilst copha melting add all ingredients in bowl and mix well.

    Then add the copha to the mix and divide into patty cases.

    Set in refridgerator until set.

    Store in container until needed.

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