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DIY Loaded Banana Split


Pack contains: 6 Bananas, 12 scoops of Ice Cream, Rocky Road, Tube of Marshmallow, Honey Joy and your choice of Sauce in a jar.


Choose between:




Mixed Berry 



Please inform if any allergies.


Depending on selection all items are Gluten Free



DIY Loaded Banana Split

  • To Make your own Loaded Banana Split at home here are the steps.

    • Warm Sauce, either in microwave or hot water bath.
    • Slice banana (length ways)
    • Place two scoops of Ice cream in between
    • Pipe marshmallow on top and either blow torch or leave as is.
    • Drizzle sauce on top
    • Spoon rocky road mixture on top
    • And add Honey Joy pieces.


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