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Do It Yourself Smore's Hot Chocolate.


Pack contains: Homemade Hot Chocolate, Tube Marshmallow, Graham Cracker cookie crumbs & hersheys sauce (Please note hershey sauce will be not what is shown).



DIY Smore's Hot Chocolate

  • Do It Yourself Smore's Hot Chocolate.

    To make Hot Chocolate Mix

    • either warm the Hot Chocolate Mix and blend in blender
    • place a spoon in a pot on the stove
    • or place a spoon in cold milk and microwave for 1.20min or until desired tempature. (place in cup or container)

    Then pipe the Marshmallow on top.

    You can torch it by

    • Blowtorch or
    • placing under the grill

    Then add broken Cookies & Hershey Sauce.




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