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My Twist on the ever so popular Cookie Cakes.

The First & Second design is a letter K/ A cake with my Chocolate Cookie, Honeycomb Ice Cream and Topped with a White Chocolate & Honeycomb Mousse.

Any Letter, Number or A Heart can be ordered.

It is then decorated with my Honeycomb Chocolate Cookie dust, Honeycomb, Dark Chocolate & White Chocolate Rocky Road, Honey Joys, Chocolate Crackles & Crushed Red Velvet Cookie.

Last Picture is without Toppings & Decorative Items which can be made. Costing will be $10 less on this item.

This Cake is Gluten Free.

Contains Raw Egg.

Approximate size is 28cm x 25cm x 6cm (This is measurements of the K Letter)

Serving: 15 Portions (at approx. 4cm pieces)

For Customised Cake Orders, that will be paid on Delivery, a deposit of 50% is required when placing the order.

Letter or Number Ice Cream Sandwich Cake

  • This Item is Gluten Free.


    Depending on Flavourings and Toppings Items can be Nut Free, Egg Free, Dairy Free & Soy Free.

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