Spoil your mum the sweetest way you know how, by giving her my Sweets and Pasta Face Pasta .


Each Pack contains:

2 Muffins (triple chocolate shown but will be two different one's)

2 Sticky Date Puddings/ or Chocolate & Hazelnut Puddings

2 Chocolate Mousse

2 Lemon Meringue Pies

1 Jar of Caramel Sauce or Chocolate Sauce (Depending on Puddings) And choose between


Pasta Face:

Spinach & Ricotta Ravioli with Napolitana Sauce (1 Kilo of each/ 4 Serves)

Gnocchi & Napolitana Sauce (1 Kilo of each/ 4 Serves) or for a additional $4 Gnocchi with Beef Ragu (1 Kilo of each/ 4 Serves)


Some Sweets are allergy friendly.

Please contact us or look at individual product page to find out more.

Mother's Day Combo



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